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Reel 2019

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The specialists
for all things special

Our specialty is to accurately communicate sophisticated content in B2B and B2S. We always ensure that there’s a balance between content-related precision and comprehensible simplicity.

The topics we are working on are complex and diverse. We are looking for their emotional core and the stories around them with drive and persistence. This way we manage to establish an emotional connection even to the most complex technical content and drive people to explore and experience them.

Our Management:
Director of Creation – Henning Kanemann
Director of Consulting – Hannah Egelseer
Managing Director – Hendrik Leyendecker


It’s the people

From the first workshop to the final asset, from the big idea to the tiniest detail during implementation: We are engaged with passion – for your project.

Accomplish something
instead of getting things done

We are looking forward to meeting you!

We are hoping for team players who want to accomplish something, instead of just getting things done. People, who will bring creativity and energy as well as diligence, critical faculties, and a sense for structured working. We are looking forward to receiving your application!

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